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The added value for the customer is to get System, Software (SW) and Hardware (HW) Development from a single partner with a lot of experience in the development and certification of complex electronic systems in the aeronautic industry.

At AES, our system development capacities comply with the Standards SAE ARP 4754 and SAE ARP 4761 in order to develop complex electronics and to be able to bring the highest value to our customers in helping them to define optimized requirements.


Because we are linked to our mother companies, Safran Electronics and Defense and MTU Aero Engines, many AES engineers have mastered these competencies.

AES also invests in the development of system projects, in particular as a major stakeholder of ASSET.


AES has the competencies to work across the complete system development life cycle, which has been demonstrated in several projects:

  • System safety assessment

  • Definition of system architecture and requirements including allocation to HW/SW

  • System validation and verification

  • System integration



AES Aerospace Embedded Solutions GmbH

Friedenheimer Brücke 29
80639 München

Tel.+49 89 99 8272 0

Fax+49 89 99 8272 6900




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